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Please help us build a clinic in Atsiekpoe village in Ghana

We ask you to join the villagers of Atsiekpoe, a small rural village in the Volta Region in Ghana, in the next phase of building ‘The Green Clinic’ for their community.

The Green Clinic will be a primary health care and disease prevention clinic that will serve roughly 3200 people of the rural, medicare-deprived area of Vome.

You can read all about our project and donate on our fundraising page:

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Giving birth on a riverbank at night

The Green Clinic Atsiekpoe GhanaThis story explains so well why the people of Atsiekpoe dream and fight for a clinic.

This picture of Ama and her baby was taken a few day after she gave birth end of February. She did not give birth in a hospital, a maternal clinic or at home with the necessary assistance. She delivered her baby at the riverbank in the dark night after she crossed the river by canoe but was too late to reach the hospital in time.

This is not the first baby born in such a situation, and we are so grateful that Ama and the baby are in good health.

Please help the community of Atsiekpoe in realising their dream for a clinic and consider making a donation today!

Your contribution will be of direct benefit to the clinic for 100% !

The foundation of the building has just been laid out, so now walls and a roof are needed! As soon as a substantial amount has been raised, the community can contract local builders and start the construction of the upper structure.

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Our fundraising page

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