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We would like to share our sources of inspiration with you. Below, you’ll find articles about people, organisations, initiatives, books and other things that inspire us, and of which we think they are interesting enough to share on this site. You can browse the articles using the categories on the right.

The true size of Africa… By Kai Krause.

The more or less hopeful documentary ‘The Lazarus Effect’ (a collaboration between the (RED) Campaign and HBO, produced by Spike Jonze) showcases the incredible power of antiretroviral (ARV) medication. These drugs fight HIV-AIDS and literally bring people who are near death back to life. Only 2 pills per day, for 40 cents. Lifesaving antiretroviral (ARV) […]

‘What is the what’ is the title of the latest book by writer Dave Eggers. The book has inspired me to learn more about the current situation in Sudan and Darfur. I sincerely hope that many will also read this book and will be inspired to take action or to speak up. Everyone knows something […]

A series of portraits of children of the Crags Primary School in the township Kurland, South-Africa: Kurland, 20 kilometers east of the often visited by tourists, rich Plettenberg Bay. Kurland, anonymous, forgotten and without a future. Kurland is one of the countless townships (slums) in South-Africa. Poverty and violence are common. People live in shacks […]

For the past six years, Stephanie Nolen has traced AIDS across Africa, and 28 is the result: an unprecedented, uniquely human portrait of the continent in crisis. Through riveting, anecdotal stories, she brings to life men, women, and children involved in every AIDS arena, making them familiar. And she explores the effects of an epidemic […]

Born in Africa (BIA) is a small-scale Belgian organisation, active in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, which is trying to create chances for children in a few of the many townships of South Africa. Born in Africa is founded and guided by Isabelle De Smul-Brink. In the summer of 2004, I – Remco Kalf – have […]

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