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Building The Green Clinic – update july 2018

Our Green Clinic Project is gradually progressing!

The compressed-bricks are being used to build the walls.

One step at a time, the dream of the people of Atsiekpoe of having their own community clinic is becoming a reality. The building of the walls that began on May 30, 2018 has finally been completed on July 17, 2018. We are so grateful to all donors for their support and the communal spirit of the Atsiekpoe people.

We are also grateful to the Battor District Assembly for their support in helping pay half the cost of the building permit.

See the photos below to view the build process of the walls:

The funding we need to complete this phase this is still about € 9,000,-. This includes the cost of materials, labor, and transportation.

Your donation will help us to finish the wall and roof construction of the clinic! Thank you!

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