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“A Winner is a Dreamer who never gives up” – Nelson Mandela – On Friday, February 8th, the roofing company started to lay the aluminium roofing on the clinic. On Monday, february 11th, the roofing was completed! The green color looks great in the area, and the village and we are very proud of the […]

“A Winner is a Dreamer who never gives up” – Nelson Mandela – The first step of the roofing of the clinic is accomplished! The second step, the aluminium roofing, is hopefully not going to take us long. We are so proud of Atsiekoe and grateful for everybody who joined us making this happen. And […]

With the walls of the building completed, our next goal is to get it roofed before the rains start again next year. Raising the walls and roofing of the clinic was the aim for this year, and it’s going to happen! You can now feel the vibe, not only among the people of Atsiekpoe but […]

Good things are meant to be shared with neighbors. Especially when it comes to issues of health and healthcare, no community can be self-sufficient. It is in the spirit of this understanding that SSFA in collaboration with the District Health Directorate at Battor organized a stakeholder meeting for all the leaders and opinion leaders for […]

Our Green Clinic Project is gradually progressing! The compressed-bricks are being used to build the walls. One step at a time, the dream of the people of Atsiekpoe of having their own community clinic is becoming a reality. The building of the walls that began on May 30, 2018 has finally been completed on July […]

Our Green Clinic Project is gradually progressing! As we wrote earlier, we acquired and fully paid for the compressed-bricks molding machine and we completed the molding of the estimated 14,000 interlocking bricks. Two community members have been trained and were part of the team that molded the bricks. With the foundation and bricks now completed, […]

The brick-molding machine

The brick-making machine was installed in October and bricks are now being moulded from 100 bags of cement. In total, 255 bags are needed for the 14000 bricks the building requires. Three young men from the Atsiekpoe community, Gabriel, Anani and Prince, are being trained in this new sustainable method of construction. The community contributes […]

Jolinaiko Eco Tours organised two weekends of scouting in Atsiekpoe with the Girl Scouts of Lincoln Community School. We welcomed in total 83 people, children and parents. Like last year, it was great fun to have this group of multi-cultural, bright and adventurous kids in the village. Some came for the day and others spent […]

Ghana celebrated its 60 years of Independence. Where many people attended festivities or enjoyed a relaxing holiday, the people of Atsiekpoe decided to roll up their sleeves. They completed the foundation! The women were in charge of bringing water from the river to the site and the men mixed the cement with stones, shelves, sand […]

The Green Clinic Atsiekpoe Ghana

This story explains so well why the people of Atsiekpoe dream and fight for a clinic. This picture of Ama and her baby was taken a few day after she gave birth last week. She did not give birth in a hospital, a maternal clinic or at home with the necessary assistance. She delivered her […]

crowdfunding, a new concept in the village

Our crowdfunding pages added new funding channels to our clinic project. But internet, social media and crowdfunding are a totally new concept for many community leaders and elders in Atsiekpoe. So they joined us at the Cashew Village Lodge last weekend for some IT exposure and they were very happy to see their pictures online […]

We joined the community meeting in Atsiekpoe, where the villagers discussed how to go about ‘communal labour’ during the upcoming long Independence weekend. The people of Atsiekpoe will put their hands together to accomplish the final touches of the foundation of the clinic; let’s cast the concrete! We also shared ideas on how to improve […]

The annual festival in Atsiekpoe has been an occasion for the villagers of Atsiekpoe to raise money themselves for their contribution to the Green Clinic. They raised € 650, an amazing amount for such a small village in Ghana! Will you join them in their dream of building a small hospital for the 3200 people […]

The Atsiekpoe Action Group for Development visited a couple of companies in Accra to select a partner for the establishment of a toilet-facility at the compound of the Green Clinic. Right now, we are investigating if biogas providing toilet facilities are an option. We spoke with a new company that invented lasting affordable solutions to […]

The African Environmental Experts Network (AEEN) will play an advisory role on how to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and become a true ‘climate-smart’ facility. We are in contact with Hobson Agyapong, who is an environmental expert working for the EPA and who initiated the AEEN. Tree-planting forms a significant aspect of the […]

The initial drawing of the Green Clinic was made by an architect from Canada who visited Atsiekpoe in April and May 2015. This initial design was based on a clinic being built in Nyatikpo in the Bator District and modified with feedback from Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye, a medical doctor and founder of a private clinic […]

A part of the money we are trying to raise will be used for a small facility in the village of the Green Clinic. In this facility an innovative kind of environmentally friendly bricks will be created: the inter-locking compressed brick system. Special brick moulds and training for the local workers will come available through […]

The direct beneficiaries of this project are the estimated 3200 people of Vome Electoral Area who are living in the catchment area of the clinic. The people of the village of Atsiekpoe benefit even more as they have put the effort in bringing this project to their community. Expanding health projects Apart from the health […]

Below you can read or download Process Report 9 – Foundation Work of Atsiekpoe CHPS Compound in Progress. Please visit our fundraising pages! The foundation of the building has been laid out, so now we need the funds to build walls and a roof! We currently have 2 fundraising pages: Visit our fundraising page on […]

Below you can read or download Process Report 8 – Status Update of the Atsiekpoe CHPS Compound. Please visit our fundraising pages! The foundation of the building has been laid out, so now we need the funds to build walls and a roof! We currently have 2 fundraising pages: Visit our fundraising page on Causevox […]

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