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Newsarticles in the category 'Liati Wote plastic waste project'

These news articles belong to the project Liati Wote plastic waste recycling project.

Training using melted bottle caps

This is a project update by Rob Handgraaf (board member SSFA) and Jacqueline Aarnts. Two years ago, we left Ghana in high spirits with many ideas about the production of bags made of plastic waste. Gideon Dodea had made his first products and was planning to teach his skills to others. Unfortunately, Covid came in […]

Gideon Dodea at work sowing plastic sachets

This is a project update by Rob Handgraaf (board member SSFA) and Jacqueline Aarnts. A year since we had been in Liati Wote and, although we have had many updates and pictures throughout the year, it was great to see, with our own eyes, all the things that have been done. Many waste bins in […]

Christopher Gavi, artist in Liati Wote

Essential to our plastic waste recovery and recycling project is inspiring people to change their attitude towards plastic use and its disposal. Illustrated paintings are a great way to create awareness among the inhabitants en visitors of Liati Wote village. Visual displays are easy to understand and communicate the message well to people of different […]

On the 16th of February 2019, a stakeholder meeting was held at Liati Wote to introduce the plastic waste recycling project to all the relevant stakeholders, and to officially kick start the Liati Wote Plastic Waste Recovery and Recycling Project. This project is a comprehensive approach to plastic waste management with the goal to promote […]

Jacqueline and Rob Handgraaf Aarnts, and Wisdom Kpegba We are happy to announce that we have a new board member: Rob Handgraaf. Rob will replace Petra van Liere-Addo, who we want to thank for serving on our board for almost five years! Rob and Jacqueline came over from France early this year to work, with […]

Liati Wote community has undertaken a needs assessment and prioritization of their development threats in 2017 during a meeting with Stepping Stones for Africa and Jolinaiko Eco Tours. During this meeting, the community identified sanitation, tourism development, deforestation, and unemployment as key priority areas of concern. Stepping Stones for Africa proposed a partnership with Liati […]

This was the third stage in the process of identifying the prime area of concern facing the Liati Wote community and to find ways of resolving it. The purpose of this community engagement was to undertake needs assessment and prioritization to ensure effective planning and implementation of community development projects. Jonathan gave a brief review […]

On April 26-27, 2017 we organised a village meeting and a walk-though of the village. This ‘transect walk’ was a follow-up on the first exercise of telling the community story from the past to the present. Essentially, the goal of this exercise was to produce a social map by identifying community resources. This will in […]

On February 24, 2017, Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation, in collaboration with Jolinaiko Eco Tours, held a meeting with the chiefs, elders and people of the Liati Wote community. Liati Wote is situated at the foot of Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, in the Afadzato South District of the Volta Region. As a travel […]

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