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Liati Wote community development – Report 4: Introduction of the plastic recycling project

Liati Wote community has undertaken a needs assessment and prioritization of their development threats in 2017 during a meeting with Stepping Stones for Africa and Jolinaiko Eco Tours.

During this meeting, the community identified sanitation, tourism development, deforestation, and unemployment as key priority areas of concern. Stepping Stones for Africa proposed a partnership with Liati Wote to tackle these challenges. A plastic waste recycling project was initiated as a way of dealing with some of these threats identified.

On the 16th of February 2019, a community meeting was organized at Liati Wote to introduce the plastic waste recycling project to the community and all the relevant stakeholders. The occasion was also used to announce all the stakeholders connected to the project and what their individual roles will be on the project.

The recycling project was initiated to tackle the plastic waste situation in Liati Wote. The project is a means to address the three major challenges of the community; youth unemployment, sanitation, and tourism development. The recycling project will deal with plastic waste generated by the community and tourists and transform it into finished and semi-finished products of economic value.

There will be three subprojects: community waste collection, recycling using different recycling methods and awareness creation. During the meeting, the different stakeholders took turns to explain the project in detail stating their roles and commitment.

Ken Agbezuhlor, a representative of the Liati Wote tourism management board was present at the meeting to explain the community’s role in the recycling project.

Below is the full report of this meeting:

Liati Wote Progress Report 4 – The Recycling Project

Our meetings and actions ultimately lead to the start of our plastic waste recycling project in 2019. More info about this project can be found here:

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