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Liati Wote community development – Report 3: Needs prioritization

This was the third stage in the process of identifying the prime area of concern facing the Liati Wote community and to find ways of resolving it. The purpose of this community engagement was to undertake needs assessment and prioritization to ensure effective planning and implementation of community development projects.

Jonathan gave a brief review of the previous activities from the story telling to the transect walk when the resource map of the village was drawn. It emerged at this point that since the last meeting, there were no other community engagements to discuss the issues of development besides the routine communal meetings.

Cindy also made it clear that Stepping Stones for Africa has no intentions of imposing any project on the community. Rather, it wants the community to identify their own areas of need and together come out with solutions that the majority will identify with.

Below is the full report of this meeting:

Liati Wote Progress Report 3 – Community Needs Identification And Prioritization

Our meetings and actions ultimately lead to the start of our plastic waste recycling project in 2019. More info about this project can be found here:

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