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Building The Green Clinic – update december 2018

With the walls of the building completed, our next goal is to get it roofed before the rains start again next year.

Raising the walls and roofing of the clinic was the aim for this year, and it’s going to happen! You can now feel the vibe, not only among the people of Atsiekpoe but also the surrounding communities and the local government. The clinic is going to be a fact!

Money matters

Phase 2: raising walls and roofing the building was budgeted at 15000 Euro/78.000 GHC. It’s amazing, and we are so grateful, we are almost there!

The walls have been completed (Cost 4000 Euro / 21000 GHC) and the complete roofing (quality wood, labour and sheets) was budgeted at 11000 Euro / 57000 GHC/). We are now left with only 20% to be raised: 17000 GHC/ 3270 Euro. Only 20% left!

So at the moment, we have secured enough funds to start preparing for the roofing structure. We have bought all the wood and nails needed for the roofing framework and ceiling joints. The carpenters are ready to build the frame. After that it’s left with only the roofing sheets!

Raising funds for the roofing sheets and carpentry costs

Our next target is to raise the remaining funds for the cost of the roofing sheets and carpentry costs. With the generous donations of many people and organisations, we are well underway towards this goal.

A special big thank you is for the Werkhofgemeenschap, Isobel Falconer (one of Jolinaiko’s travellers), and the VOMM Foundation from the Netherlands, for their very generous donations which will help us reach this immense milestone!

The people of Atsiekpoe have already fixed December 29, 2018 for the annual fundraising for the clinic, hoping the bridge the gap left.

You can see the joy when we completed the first milestone, in 2017: the foundation!

Your donation will help us to finish the roof construction of the clinic! Thank you!

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