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Jacqueline and Rob Handgraaf Aarnts, and Wisdom Kpegba We are happy to announce that we have a new board member: Rob Handgraaf. Rob will replace Petra van Liere-Addo, who we want to thank for serving on our board for almost five years! Rob and Jacqueline came over from France early this year to work, with […]

Als reactie op de ontwikkelingen in Atsiekpoe en Vome is Cindy Noordermeer beedigd tot ‘Queenmother of Development’, alias Mama Dunenyo, of Atsiekpoe. Het verzoek om deze puur traditionele aanstelling te accepteren kwam van de chief en de dorpsoudsten, en daardoor was het ongepast dit verzoek af te slaan. Cindy: ‘Het festival was grandioos. Iedereen had […]

Cindy Noordermeer, president of Stepping Stones for Africa, appeared in the rerun of her episode of the Dutch TV show ‘Grenzeloos Verliefd’ on 13th of april, 2009.

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