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The Green Clinic – a new way of cooperation

Jan. 2017 | The main organization behind the initiative for The Green Clinic is Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation (SSFA). The foundation rejuvenated in 2014 by attracting new board members, who are living and working in Ghana and consequently are more connected to the West-African context.

A new approach to development initiatives

SSFA adapted a new strategy whereby it operates in a public-private partnership with the Ghana-based tour operator Jolinaiko Eco Tours. The mission of this partnership is to provide stepping stones-like guidance, expertise, inspiration and funding for community-initiated development initiatives in (potential) eco-tourism destinations in West Africa. The ultimate aim is to contribute to their development, make them a success for all parties involved, while respecting the environment and thereby significantly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the community.

Fruitful cooperation

Both organizations have been working with the people of Atsiekpoe in the past. They have built strong and positive relationships, and as they strive towards long-term relationships, they decided to select Atsiekpoe as a pilot location for their new approach. The ultimate aim of the partnership is to contribute significantly to the quality of life of the people in Atsiekpoe by supporting community-driven initiatives, and at the same time, adding value to Atsiekpoe as an eco-tourism destination in general. The figure below illustrates the partnership.

Cooperation SSFA Jolinaiko Atsiekpoe

The community participatory approach

SSFA starts every community development initiative with a set of appraisals, interactive community meetings, also called Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), aiming at mobilizing the community and facilitating a process whereby the community identifies the areas where development and intervention are mostly needed. The outcome of these appraisals determine the focus of future development initiatives carried out under the three-legged partnership between SSFA, Jolinaiko and the community.

Main community objective: improved health care

The summary of the last 3 PRA’s is given below and explains the process that leaded to the design of this project.

Appraisal 1 – October 2014 – problem and opportunity identification

The Walk A mapping exercise, a transect walk and a focused group discussion were facilitated to determine the development achievements made in the past, the current development needs, and future development objectives.

The outcome of these activities was a lists of items that were highly prioritized (three stars) as most important development needs:

  1. Improved Health Care
  2. Safe Drinking Water
  3. Sufficient Streetlights
  4. Maintenance Culture
  5. Work and jobs
  6. Sufficient household latrines
  7. Appropriate technology
  8. Improved sanitation
Appraisal 2 – December 2014 – problem formulation and action orientation

A focus-group discussion was facilitated to reach consent among community members on the number one development priority. The outcome was ‘Improving Health Care in the Community’. Actions that were formulated were a community survey to gain insight in the concept of health and health care in the community and a stakeholder survey to gain insight in the level of support and collaboration that could be expected at district level.

Appraisal 3 – February 2015 – preliminary project design

Based on the outcome of the surveys we drew the conclusion that improving accessibility to primary health care is not solely a priority of the community but also of the stakeholders in the district. There will certainly be support from the local government to manage basic medical facilities and to conduct disease prevention programs. Actually, the outcome of the stakeholder’s survey very much determined the design of the project we are presenting on these pages.

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