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' When you are inspired, you inspire others
  When others are inspired, what is impossible, becomes possible '

Welcome to Stepping Stones for Africa!

Stepping Stones for Africa (SSFA) is a Dutch-Ghanaian charity organization focused on grassroots development in villages in West Africa. We work together with communities and villages to achieve their development objectives.

In West Africa, we see many communities lacking basic necessities like healthcare, clean water or sustainable ways of making a living. Despite being mostly well organized socially, these communities are often not capable of making significant changes by themselves to improve their quality of life.

Empowering communities

Our vision is to empower these communities to lead their own development and improve the living conditions of their inhabitants, through small-scale projects that are initiated and sustained by the community itself or its leaders, and not imposed by others. SSFA wants to provide capacity building to fuel these community-initiated projects and make them a success.

Responsible tourism as stepping stone

SSFA believes in eco- or responsible tourism as a stepping stone to community development and improved living conditions. We work together with local partners in the responsible travel industry, who bring in knowledge, resources and regular visitors.

We are very well-connected to the West African context where the majority of our board members have been working and living in different fields of development for more than a decade.

By sharing the inspiring stories about West-African villages, we hope to inspire you. We have learned that inspiration is mutually contagious and can make things possible that were thought unpossible before.

Cindy Noordermeer and Remco Kalf.
(The founders of Stepping Stones for Africa)

Help us build a health clinic in Atsiekpoe, Ghana!

The Green Clinic Atsiekpoe Ghana

Together with the inhabitants of Atsiekpoe village (Ghana), we are building a health clinic! The foundation of the building has been laid out, so now we are raising funds to build walls and a roof:

» Visit our fundraising page for the Green Clinic on

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