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Ambulance for the IHCC clinic – 2006

DSC_0746.jpgIn 2005, we put up a new goal on the Aandacht voor Aids website: an ambulance for the IHCC clinic. The ambulance was desperately needed to provide transport of patients to other clinics, laboratories, for home-based care and for transportation of deceased patients to the morgue. In the fall of 2005, this goal was realized by a generous gift of 9000 euros from the Dutch Stichting Metgezel voor Afrika to the clinic.

In january of 2006, Cindy and Remco visited the clinic in Accra and admired the Mercedes van, which was bought with this gift. It serves the clinic and its patients very well at the moment. In the near future, it will be painted in the blue colors of the clinic and the appropriate logos will be put up on its side.

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