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Ongoing support for IHCC by De Trut

TrutfondsWe are happy to anounce that Stichting Fonds De Trut has decided to support the International Health Care Clinic in Accra for another year.

With a donation of €3600,-, the salaries of a registered nurse and an assistant-nurse can be paid until march 2009. And, not unimportantly, the accreditation that the clinic received – which enables the clinic to prescribe anti-retroviral treatment – will be preserved.

International Health Care ClinicIn 2006/2007, a prior donation of De Trut made it possible for the clinic to obtain this this accreditation, which required trained and paid nursing staff and a CD4-count machine in an in-house laboratory. This CD4-count machine is essential in determining blood values in the process of administering anti-retroviral drugs. The IHCC clinic is the first privately-founded clinic in Ghana that has its own CD4-count machine.

In the meantime, Stepping Stones for Africa, together with the clinic, is building a plan for income generation, in order to – step by step – become independent of donors overtime. The goal is that the clinic will eventually be able to cover its own overheadcosts, like salaries. The road to independency will take time, and this donation by De Trut will be very helpful in bridging the gap in the meantime.

We will publish more about this plan for independency soon.

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