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Sustainable sanitation

The Atsiekpoe Action Group for Development visited a couple of companies in Accra to select a partner for the establishment of a toilet-facility at the compound of the Green Clinic.

Volo Health ClinicRight now, we are investigating if biogas providing toilet facilities are an option. We spoke with a new company that invented lasting affordable solutions to building a hygienic toilet facility with any number of seating capacity. This toilet facility is constructed by digging a 3 foot rectangular hole and a digester built in it before the structure and toilet seater is fixed on it. A hand washing facility is fixed and connected to the toilet seater of which the water that is used to wash hands is used to flash the faecal matter. Only small quantities of water are needed to do the flushing. It is an odorless toilet facility. The digester usually processes the faecal matter and it becomes manure for crop production. The toilet seater facility is divided into three categories and prices; the modern system based on a ceramic pot is appropriate for the Clinic.

The advantages of biogas providing toilet facilities compared to a normal sanitation facility:

  • Maintenance and dislodging is simple and affordable.
  • Cost depends on the type of building, and it’s possible to make it as affordable as possible.
  • The system is hygienic and odorless.
  • The system has been developed for deprived rural areas and only a little water is needed.

On the downside, using biogas providing toilet facilities from human faecal material could be controversial. The relationship with a clinic and possible diseases people carry could make it even more disputable.

So, to be continued…

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