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Beneficiaries of the Green Clinic Project

The direct beneficiaries of this project are the estimated 3200 people of Vome Electoral Area who are living in the catchment area of the clinic. The people of the village of Atsiekpoe benefit even more as they have put the effort in bringing this project to their community.

Expanding health projects

Apart from the health services delivered by the CHPS-centre (Community-Based Health Planning and Services), they partner with Stepping Stones for Africa and Jolinaiko Eco Tours to attract other partners in health to tackle other health concerns that are outside the mandate of the GHS.

Economic benefits

Furthermore, they benefit in many other ways. The construction itself offers economic activities where skilled and unskilled laborers are needed. The interlocking brick system will bring a new construction method to the community, and this will create new economic activity for the future as it’s a perfect alternative for the conventional way of building. Other benefits are training and employment of community members as health personnel but also in the field of security and maintenance of the facility. The clinic is most likely going to be a start-off of many other projects in the future adding additional benefit to the people of Atsiekpoe and the electoral area at large.

Group that built the foundations

Please visit our fundraising pages!

The foundation of the building has been laid out, so now we need the funds to build walls and a roof! We currently have 2 fundraising pages:

Visit our fundraising page on Causevox to help us raise the funds to build the walls and roof of the clinic.

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