' When you are inspired, you inspire others
  When others are inspired, what is impossible, becomes possible '

Stepping Stones for Africa is a Dutch charitable non-profit organisation. Our organisation was founded as a reaction on inspiring encounters in developing countries in Africa. Encounters with experts and dedicated individuals and organisations who are working hard in the field of poverty reduction en by their work contribute to better local living conditions.

In their work, these individuals and organisations are confronted with all kinds of boundaries or a lack of means and because of that, cannot reach their goals. In our projects we focus on these inspired individuals and organisations. We want to work together with them and provide, find or be the ‘Stepping Stone’ to realisation of their ideals, dreams and goals.

Sharing inspiration

By sharing the inspiring stories of these people and organisations, we hope to inspire you. We have learned that inspiration is mutually contagious and can make things possible that were thought unpossible before.

React to our stories

We invite you to leave your comments on our stories. If you feel you can contribute in any way, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Stay informed

A few times a year, we send out our e-mail newsletter. You can also use our RSS feeds to stay updated with our latest news and our sources of inspiration.

Lots of inspiration and happy reading!

Cindy Noordermeer and Remco Kalf.
(the founders of Stepping Stones for Africa)

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