We invite you to contribute to our projects, by making a donation to our bankaccount:

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Attn. Stichting Stepping Stones for Africa, Den Haag, The Netherlands
If you want to support a specific project, please mention this in the transfer details.

For international payments, you’ll need the following codes:

IBAN: NL85 RABO 0121 7094 69

Donating online

By pressing the button below, you can safely and directly donate to us online, for example by creditcard.

donating online

All contributors, thank you very much!

We are grateful for every gift, no matter how small.

Donations will entirely be spent on our projects within our mission. We have no overhead costs and all members of our board are working voluntarily.

In the Netherlands, donations are tax deductible

Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingIn the Netherlands, we are a registered non-profit charity by the Dutch tax administration. Donations are therefore deductible from income tax for Dutch individuals as well as companies.

Our status as so called ‘ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)‘ can be verified by filling in our name at this page of the Dutch tax administration, the Belastingdienst. (Don’t fill in a location, this doesn’t work for some reason).

Detailed information about tax deduction can be found on these pages of the Belastingdienst site.

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