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Remco Kalf

Remco KalfRemco Kalf (1971) is the co-founder, treasurer and secretary of Stepping Stones for Africa. He lives in the Netherlands and has his own (web)design and -development agency. He designs and builds websites for companies and government bodies and works as a freelance consultant, designer and front-end developer.

Together with Cindy, in 2006 Remco founded the Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation. The foundation was the logical next step from the successful ‘Aandacht voor Aids’ (‘Focus on AIDS’) initiative, started by Cindy and Remco in 2003, while Cindy was working in an AIDS/HIV clinic in Accra. He also helped build Jolinaiko Eco Tours, the travel company of Cindy and her husband in Ghana, from a one-man company to a medium size enterprise by offering design and business-development support.

Remco’s motivation for founding Stepping Stones for Africa, for helping grow Jolinaiko Eco Tours over the years, and for facilitating the partnership between both, is that he has seen over the last 12 years that real, meaningful impact on poor peoples’s living conditions and motivation can be made. People living in poor rural villages can be inspired to take their own responsibility and focus on their entrepreneurship. They mostly need some guidance or practical help, and people that believe in them.

The partnership between the villages and their communities, Stepping Stones for Africa and dedicated and responsible tourism companies like Jolinaiko Eco Tours is a powerful one, to which he loves to dedicate his spare time.

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